What I say and what clients are saying...


..." Thank you so much... We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and understanding during the sale of the house.... It was a real pleasure dealing with you. You really work hard to get the deal done."...

A. and M. M.

..."As the executor of the trust, I had to deal with the sale of the property. My attorney referred me to his wife who is a real estate agent.  I felt that I could trust her and I was right.  She took care of preparing the house for sale and dealt with all the workers on site.  She made it easy for me and brought all the paperwork to me after my long day at work.    It was so convenient!" ...

R. C. B.

...”Mrs. Levin helped us find and buy our dream house. 

My wife and I are so grateful to her.  It took a long time

to get this foreclosure but we are so happy now!  Muriel

helped us with our loan and did not give up on that

property for months!”...

  1. J.and I. C.

...”Merci Muriel, sans vous ce reve serait reste un reve,  alors que maintenant il est possible”...

  1. D.et A.L.  D.

...”We are really grateful for your service and support. ... Buying or selling a property can be very stressful and facilitating it can be even more demanding.  You’ve definitely done a GREAT JOB  and we’re very thankful and pleased with your wonderful service....”

F. and A. V.

Thank you for your package of information. ...

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what

you represent and what you are doing, and your

professional attention is the best I have seen.

R. B.

..” Being out of state and dealing with the estate of my deceased mother was not easy.  I had not seen the property in a long time, the previous occupants had damaged the house.   Muriel hired the whole crew of workers and supervised the work until the house was nicely repaired and repainted, ready for sale. 

I did not have to be there, I stayed home and got activity reports over the phone.  Just that save me tons of money and traveling time.

The house showed at its best and we got a much higher price that if we would have put it up for sale as is. ” ... 

E. of E.

...” And we are impressed with the detailed manner with which Muriel Levin has approached the subject of the listing documents.”...

T. E. Esq.

...“I wanted you to know that I really, really appreciate

all that you did  and specially the way you handled

all the problems that came up.   I know you put heart 

and soul in this work”...

  1. E.B.

We are leaving tomorrow for a 12 day vacation to the National Parks.

Again we couldn’t be doing this if hadn't been for you and your talents.

“We are grateful you came into our lives.”

  1. D.and G. R.

So am I grateful ...Muriel

“ Thank you so much for what you have done for  us!  We love our condo!”

  1. B.and A. B.

“ We missed you while you were away, we are used to your service and the substitute agent did not return our call as you do. “

R.and L. L.

Muriel Levin is a real estate agent that is reliable and knowledgeable in her field. She works hard on behalf of her clients and is thorough in researching all details of the market she is working. I highly recommend her.
S. & M. M.

Muriel is a highly engaged, devoted Realtor. She has a client base who keep returning to her, and sending referrals. With great enthusiasm I recommend her service.
Betty Graham, CEO

Muriel is a very thorough real estate agent. She is trustworthy and reliable.
She is very dynamic. She is also a very nice person and mostly professional.
She did an amazing search for me and I found exactly the apartment I was looking for in three days time !

M-A. F.

Muriel is terrific, very responsive to our many requests. We found more competence, persistence and attentiveness in her work than we've experienced with any other Realtors.”

  1. B.& K. B.

Muriel is a diligent worker and stays on top of the market. She will work hard to either sell your house or buy another.

Barbara McDonald, Assistant Manager, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Muriel has heart. She puts in 150%. She listens to what you want and translates that into reality.

J. H-G.

I want to let you know that the D. have given you rave reviews!  They were ecstatic about your expertise and felt you did a fabulous job for them.....and they enjoyed meeting and apparently working also with your husband.  So, I, too, thank you for taking such good care of them.  Best wishes to you.....

  1. B.B. Delaware County Realty

We really appreciate all you did for us.  You made us feel like family.

 You are a great person as well as a great realtor.

If you are looking for a realtor who will work for you then you need Muriel

Levin.  She is a real professional.  She will listen to you and try very

hard to meet your needs.  She explains the selling process and helps

you as a seller to understand the process.  Even though she represents

buyers as well,  she always is fighting for you the seller.  Muriel is not only

your realtor she is a true friend.  She keeps you posted as to how things

are progressing almost on a daily basis.  Muriel also makes use of the

resources available to her at Coldwell Banker.  The employees she had

assisting her were always polite and professional.  The people at West Coast

Escrow were also very helpful.  If you want a good real-estate experience

then you need Muriel Levin representing you.

B. and J. D.S.

C'est vraiment très gentil de nous aider dans nos démarches....cela prouve encore une chose c'est qu'il y a encore sur cette terre des gens qui ont de bonnes valeurs et qui méritent  à être connus.


C'est super!!!!

Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait!

Vous êtes notre ange gardien.

D. and  J. F.

Thank you so much for your hard and diligent work. I can't express how much I appreciate you.


Muriel is very reliable and works with great focus and dedication.

M. S.

Muriel Levin is a real estate agent that is reliable and knowledgeable in her field. She works hard on behalf of her clients and is thorough in researching all details of the market she is working. I highly recommend her.

S. M. Investor

You are really the nicest person I have met in the business! If everyone was like you...what a wonderful world this would be! 


D. S.   Realtor

“I found Muriel Levin to be highly Professional in her Real Estate Business. We have done some work together in the past and it's a pleasure working with her.”

Dorene Slavitz

Thank you for persistence.

I see why you are so successful!

S.M. Esq.

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Here are excerpts of recent letters of reference attesting to the value our clients have found in allowing Muriel Levin to professionally represent their interests.